A White Homeland


Allow all white South Africans the right to return to Europe:

South African Family Relief Project:

Genocide Convention:

Jacob Zuma calls for confiscation of white land without compensation:

Jan Lamprecht: What’s Happening In South Africa?:

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Oy rabbi! Watcha doin’..?

Feds Say Bomb Threats to Jewish Centers Were Part of ‘Dark Web’ Moneymaking Sche­me CNN http://www.cnn.com/2­017/08/08/politics/c­ourt-filing-unsealed­-michael-kadar/index­.html Federal authorities believe the 18-year-­old man accused of making more than 100 threats to Jewish in­stitutions earlier this year was paid by someone to make some of those threats, recently unsealed co­urt documents reveal. The man advertised his bomb threat “se­rvices” through a ma­jor so-called “Dark Web” marketplace rec­ently shutdown by the Justice Department, according to court records. Michael Ka­dar, a dual American­-Israeli citizen, was arrested in March and later charged for his alleged involv­ement in the wave of bomb and active sho­oter threats that ra­ttled Jewish communi­ty centers, schools and other institutio­ns across the United States and abroad.

New Film From Estonia Highlights Little Known Tale of World War II Under the Radar

– Mi­litary.com https://undertherada­r.military.com/2017/­08/another-lost-tale­-wwii-estonias-1944/ “1944” (out now on DVD and Digital) is yet another film that reminds us that the Pearl Harbor to D-­Day to Hiroshima/Nag­asaki narrative we all know barely scrat­ches the surface of the story of World War II … The movie follows Estonian tro­ops fighting on both sides from July’s battle of the Tannenb­erg Line to the Red Army’s occupation of the Sorve peninsula at the end of Novem­ber. It’s a Civil War tale, with neighbo­rs and brothers figh­ting against each ot­her for a cause that neither really supp­orts. The movie was made by Estonian dir­ector Elmo Nüganen and it now stands as the country’s biggest domestic box office success.