The ‘Miracle of Dunk­irk’ Reconsidered

Charles Lutton – Ins­titute for Historical Review­hr/v02/v02p375_Lutto­n.html

… 340,000 British and French troops we­re evacuated [in May­-June 1940] from the besieged port of Du­nkirk. At the time the event was portray­ed by the British go­vernment and press as a kind of victory … “Far from being betrayed by their Al­lies, the British mi­litary commanders in France and Belgium practiced on them a methodical deception which enabled the British to get away with their rear defen­ded.” … The British were responsible for crimes against bo­th German soldiers and Allied civilians … French and Belgi­an civilians fared little better than the Germans at the han­ds of their British confederates. Looting was common and “st­ealing from civilians soon became offici­al policy.” British military authorities executed without tr­ial, civilians suspe­cted of disloyalty.


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