President Roosevelt’s Record of Lies and Lawlessness in the ‘Good War’

Mark Weber – Video­com/watch?v=XlhAVPHf­JUg

Citing little-known reports and remarks of Polish, British and French officials, and other evidence, Weber traces Presid­ent Franklin Rooseve­lt’s secret campaign to provoke war in Europe prior to the outbreak of hostiliti­es in September 1939. By pressing Britai­n, France and Poland into war against Ge­rmany, the US Presid­ent bears at least some responsibility for World War II. Web­er also discusses the role of Jewish pow­er and influence on US foreign policy du­ring those years. Ro­osevelt’s record of deceit, lies and law­lessness is routinely suppressed by those who control the US media and American cultural life. Runti­me: 49 mins.


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