Scripted Event

By Jonathan Naff, G+

I’m pretty sure this is a scripted event, they needed some good footage of a vehicle actually hitting someone, that was absent from the narratives of the London false flag events. This is all an NWO agenda the whole thing, the haters did this they want to tie the haters in with anyone who doesn’t agree with the NWO agenda. It also bolsters another part of their agenda the LGBT community the feminist agenda the pro-choice agenda and vegan offender and the animal rights agenda, the state police helicopter that was involved crashed killing two officers. Good Karma The Virginia State Police have been involved in several scripted events over the past few years. Like the fake shooting at Smith Mountain Lake and the one at the bus station in Richmond. The NWO agents are busily at work programming your children brainwashing people’s minds and Performing elaborate social programming and psyops operation on the American public These are the satanic Bolshevik talmudic Jews who funded Hitler’s Nazi Germany they were the Pharisees of Jesus day they are the Illuminati of today. Perilous days


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