Charlottesville VA RaceWar & Anti-Southern Car Attack PsyOp Proven: ZioJew Fake White Attacker USARMY Actwhore & Jew Mom: Sam Bloom / Meyer

So his mom has two common jewish last names she uses! See ID Search further down!

Quote from her Facebook:

Samantha Bloom: Thanks Shelly James just left for boot camp. He’s all grown up. Aug 17 2015!
-> So the little wiesel DHS Army Embede Ziopuppet Traitor Crisis Actwhore just joined the Army almost exactly 2 years ago!

Ziojew Fake White Nationalist James Fields & ZioJew Mom Sam Bloom!

Attack Car Driver is 20 &
20 are injured for 22 aka 220 Twin Towers 110 Stories Each reinforcement programming.

Also 20÷3 is 6.66 repeating

Fake Murdered woman is 32 which is dual 16 aka dual 44 code.

James Fields in Jewish gematria is860 aka 14 aka 77 hoax code!

Fake Car Attacker Crisis Actwhore’s mom has jewish name Samantha Bloom…

From Radaris ID search:
Samantha L Bloom~49 Florence, KY

Known as:

Samantha L Meyer

Related to:

James S Meyer, 74 Cheryn Meyer Sharon Sue Meyer Cherokee Meyer, 24 Kenneth E Rylee Kenneth E Rylee, 50 Sharon Sue Meyer, 55


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