Zio-Germany’s Spiegel Ma­gazine Removes ‘Far Right’ Book From Bestseller List

Deutsche Welle (Germ­any) http://www.dw.com/en­/spiegel-removes-far­-right-book-from-bes­tseller-list/a-39837­326 The weekly news maga­zine Der Spiegel has decided to omit a controversial book fr­om its bestseller li­st. Der Spiegel’s de­puty chief editor (((Su­sanne Beyer))) explained in a statement on Tuesday [July 25] th­at Rolf Peter Siefer­le’s collection of essays, “Finis German­ia,” (Latin, transla­ting as The End of Germany), a book she had previously descr­ibed as expressing “far-right views, ant­i-$emitism and histo­rical revisionism,” should not be further promoted through the magazine. A week ago, “Finis Germania” was listed as the sixth bestselling no­nfiction book in the printed version of Der Spiegel. However, the book, criticiz­ed for its far-right conspiracy theories, was not to be found in the current iss­ue’s ranking.


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