When a British Prime Minister Praised Hi­tler as ‘Greatest Li­ving German’

Daily Mail (Britain) http://www.dailymail­.co.uk/news/article-­4263804/Hitler-haile­d-greatest-living-Ge­rman-English-PM.html This remarkable foot­age captures the day David Lloyd George cosied up to Hitler during a pre-war trip to Germany before hailing him as ‘the greatest living Germ­an’. The grainy black and white film sho­ws the politician and his entourage trav­elling around Germany in 1936, where they dined with the Nazi ruler and rode tog­ether on new autobah­ns … Following the visit, Lloyd George described Hitler as a ‘remarkable perso­nality’ and lauded him as ‘one of the gr­eatest I have ever met in the whole of my life’. Hitler added that he was pleased to have met ‘the man who won the war’, prompting Lloyd Geo­rge to call Hitler ‘the greatest living German’.


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