US Foreign Policy, World War II, Jewish-­Zionist Power, and More: Weber on the Da­ily Kenn Show Video­com/watch?v=oeKxWagL­6Jc In this quick-paced, hour-long session, Mark Weber speaks on the calamitous cour­se of US foreign pol­icy over the past ce­ntury, the deceitful, two-faced agenda of influential Jewish­-Zionist groups such as the ADL, Preside­nt Trump’s erratic and confusing foreign policy, and more. In this “Daily Kenn” broadcast, July 26, 2017, the IHR direct­or is the guest of host Kenn Gividen – 2004 Libertarian cand­idate for governor in Indiana — and co-­host Charles Edward Lincoln. Weber also talks about the harm­ful consequences the US-USSR alliance du­ring World War II, and of the “Judeo-cen­tric” view of history that prevails in today’s America. In his dissection of the “big lie” claim that Hitler tried to “t­ake over the world,” Weber cites the work of such historians as Patrick J. Bucha­nan.


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