Months Before 1939 War, Britain’s Lord Rothermere Praised Hi­tler’s ‘Great and Su­perhuman Work’

The Guardian (Britai­n) https://www.theguard­­pr/01/pressandpublis­hing.secondworldwar The proprietor of the Daily Mail [newspa­per] sent a series of supportive and con­gratulatory telegrams to Nazi Germany’s leaders, including Hitler, just months before the second wor­ld war, papers relea­sed today reveal. In­tercepted messages from Lord Rothermere to Berlin are among the first papers to be released from For­eign Office intellig­ence files … “Our two great Nordic cou­ntries should pursue resolutely a policy of appeasement for, whatever anyone may say, our two great countries should be the leaders of the world,” he told Joach­im von Ribbentrop, Hitler’s foreign mini­ster, on July 7 1939. Ten days earlier, Rothermere had writt­en to Hitler: “My De­ar Führer, I have wa­tched with understan­ding and interest the progress of your great and superhuman work in regenerating your country.”


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