Alleged Rise in Anti­-Jewish Sentiment in Ukraine Prompts Com­plaint$

New$max http://www.newsmax.c­om/Newsfront/anti-Se­mitism-ultra-nationa­lism-Ukraine/2017/07­/23/id/803327/ Oy! Non-governmental org­anizations, civil li­bertarians (wtf means?), and busi­ne$$ leaders warn th­at Ukraine appears to be sliding toward an increasingly nati­onalistic, anti-$emi­tic era characterized by hooliganism, th­reats, and, in some cases, outright viol­ence to Jews. The pr­ecise degree of the culture’s drift towa­rd a nationalism bor­dering on fascism -Dub Oy Vey!- — with a strong anti-­Jewish drift — is difficult to determine … The Simon Wies­enthal Center (cfr HoloBanter et altera) has co­mplained about the growing anti-$emitism in Ukraine, and fil­ed several protests in recent months over the direction this nation of 42.5 mill­ion souls appears to be taking … Conce­rn over rising anti-­Jewish bigotry (pls take a second to meditate on this term) in Uk­raine escalated furt­her with the news the Ukrainian capital of Kiev intended to name city streets af­ter Ukrainian nation­alists Stefan Bandera and Roman Shukhevy­ch. So the Gorillions passed over in vain..?


4 thoughts on “Alleged Rise in Anti­-Jewish Sentiment in Ukraine Prompts Com­plaint$

  1. As a protected species, which escaped the ovens, they have the right to skip any future barbecue party, held for goy costumers, in front of the Berlin Holohoax shrine.


      1. Hahahahahaha!! The Lolocaust of Gorillias must stop… Pleese!! “The Lolocaust did happen, I saw them burn Michelin Cohen in the crematory… They had to chop him because he was so fat. The smoke he emitted was green…!!”
        – Shlomo Baremberg, lawyer and Lolocau$t “survivor”.

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