Abject crime against Italians: alien apes receive free furnished apts in the center of Parma while Italians strive to get to the end of the month!!



12 thoughts on “Abject crime against Italians: alien apes receive free furnished apts in the center of Parma while Italians strive to get to the end of the month!!

  1. Submit Goyim Italians! If the might chosen Psychopath Ziotrash behind the curtain chose to unleash millions of African tribesman upon you, you will submit to it & like it goyim! Bend over & take it goyim! We zio jewish supremacists will breed them to all your beatiful women-especial we can & leave you as mongrels! Just don’t dare look behind the curtain & find whose there! Focus on the Invaders only & not the directors of it!

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  2. It’s pukeworthy… And even the pope is an accomplice of the genocide.
    I’m not that Catholic, (or Christian, for any matter now), but I can understand that people need someone to look up to… And all this stupid pope does is to pretend that nothing wrong is happening. Even worse, he says “help the po’ immigrants.” Idiot! What an asshole!!
    I can’t blame you guys if you send this poop back to Argentina with a stamp on his papal ass.

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    1. This fkn pervert, enemy, pedofaggot, fake catholic, masonic crypto jew traitor is despised by many, despite their religion or nationality.
      I have reposted a few articles in which Caritas, the vatikan Ong, refuses to unveil the data about the aliens who come illegitimately to the country with its help. Another nigga priest has neen pinned today as a traficant of apes!
      Oxfam zio ong is involved too.

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      1. The Catholic Church is pozzed through and through. Catholics and Christians see it as “the end is nigh its satans church, its all on the revelations book…” I prefer to see their book as a book of instructions (for joos), and their prophecies as self-fulfilling prophecies. Anyway, they are right in criticizing him/the Church, even if it is for the wrong reasons.


      2. I am critical of any abrahmitic cult. Nonetheless I do not spit on the traditional church as it had an important role throughout history, despite its huge flaws.

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      3. Same here… And you have to realize, too, that most people (in the WN movement) are not willing to leave the tutelage of the Christian cults, despite how bad it has been for us… It takes time, too. I recon that.
        It’s a soul search that it’s not for anyone, I think. So, as long as they aren’t that batshit cucktarded (and not so pushy either) I can get along. That doesn’t mean I believe so much in what they believe, but I recon that not everyone believes the same, though.
        The silly stance of saying “hail satan fdghagh!1!!” so to pretend one is against them it’s pretty immature as well.


      4. Yup… If someone has a doubt, let him read the joos/christians book without the hocus pocus of “let the spirit of God guide you so to make an interpretation”… It’s pure buzz and wankery.
        The bible has those political undertones everywhere. Old Testament, New Testament, your pick. It’s pretty obvious.


      5. Yessire… That’s why some offshoots of Christianity don’t have saints nor they celebrate Christmas…! They don’t do so because of their pagan origins… They are jewier than thou, dude!!


      6. The matter of fact is, what of European you see in christianity, what of honorable and traditional has been permeating the cult, has been posed under a relentless attack by the forefather: globo judaism or zionism.
        Check the mormons, the anglikans, the evangeli$ts. And now the vatikan too: they are marranos without a mask.

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      7. You remind me of some Mexicans (I think they were) that were whining about Christmas, because, they said “Look at the people, they are bending (worshiping) in front of a tree!” So they went like “don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s a pagan celebrations!!” (So, to them, it’s evil). Pagan = evil. Ignorants.

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