Children’s manipulation – PC education. Google translated from Romanian, article belonging to a fellow Romanian female writer

My 13-year-old god daughter, who has lived in Vienna for 1 year and obviously goes to school, told me today that Christmas was not allowed to put in the classroom even a string of torture or any Christian symbol, But Ramadam decorated the class with Islamic symbols. Moreover, religion is optional but not at your choice, that is, if you opt for religion, study Islam, any other religion being non-existent in school. The mother’s written consent had to be that her daughter could be absent from Islam.

She told me that he was taken to the cinema classroom, to a documenta who passed through the dolls and 4-5 borders like cheese, to Hungary where, according to the documentary, they were not given food or water , And some were not allowed to cross (illegally) the border. As the little girl told me, who is a smart and attentive child of what is happening around her, the documentary was tendentious, with the clear aim of demonizing Hungary and inducing the idea that anyone who opposes the flow of “Syrians” is racist, xenophobic Etc. At the end of the movie, her colleague asked her “Why did not you cry?” “I did not cry because I had no reason to cry …” my fellow answered, but Given explanations, especially when he was observed during Ramadam, that when drinking water to return with his back, he would not offend his Muslim colleagues in post. This is how I start, and I am not stingy, the decline of Christianity. From school. This is how the decline of Europe starts from the kindergarten. Last night someone posted comments (sorry not to mention) a cartoon movie where the main heroes are two male teenagers who fall in love with one another and this movie is being watched by children in kindergartens.

The movie lasts less than 5 minutes, then I invite the progressists and the flower power squads to tell me how loud they have been crying for the sake of these cartoon characters and how impressed they were from their love story. Yes, I know, love goes beyond our primitive primitive prejudices just coming out of the caves and yes, love also makes dreams. Only hetero couples are demonized because they make babies drunk and beat them with the fire scale up to the higher.

Obviously, I’m kidding when I invite progressists to dialogue, I have come to the conclusion that you have no one with whom, and I will not make any compromise to be in the trend and not to be considered backward and deposed. I’m so tanned that I do not make the slightest effort to please anyone, no matter who it is. I strongly believe and regret, but Europe is committing suicide and, if we are not careful … we’re shooting for her.




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