“Wag The Dog Full Movies”


10 thoughts on ““Wag The Dog Full Movies”

  1. Our whole False Reality from ZOG & Ziotrash Media & ZioHollywood is WAG THE DOG!
    The only reality is they really are exterminating people like Syrians! And Thank God Hamas & Hezbollah are real! If Syria is Destroyed Hezbollah does not end! Israel has no Idea how to destroy Hezbollah or Hamas! Their evil created something wonderful! Maybe they will do the same in USA soon when they overplay their greasy hand! Only we have all the resources & over a billion guns, rifles & shotguns & trillions of rounds of ammo! Ziotrash Traitor & mercenary killing ammo! F’ Em! F’ Em to Hell! To their home! Not the home they expect when they are Tranny-fag-goat-head-god worshippering! But their future well deserved home nonetheless!

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      1. I could not even go to my email for like 2 weeks until the other day when I replied about it. I lost my two oldest emails at yahoo one in 2011 or something and the other maybe 2014??? I had them since 98 & 99 maybe & previously AOL STOLE several from me!


    1. I watched it when it came out in the theater twice atleast! Best part was Ziotrash Dustin Hoffman Zioslime Director wanting his credit! But De Nero told him you got paid, you don’t credit in a PsyOp ZioJewboy! So De Niro had to wack his stupid arrogant fool @$$!

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