The Mask Is Off: Trump Is Seeking War with Iran


14 thoughts on “The Mask Is Off: Trump Is Seeking War with Iran

  1. Trump is a fucktard and he is more fucktarded than Bush Jr… Gosh!
    One of the good few things that Obonga did… and he is gonna scrap it. Faggot.
    MAGA… Hahahahahaha!!
    More like MIGA = Make Israhell Great Again.
    The alt-right idiots have to realize what kind of jew buttboy they have voted for.


      1. I’d say no. But seeing the zio-puppets and jews getting voted in demockratic governments, it’s just customary. With “democratic” govts, things (and zio-shills) get worse, not better.

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      2. It is all an immense hollyjoo style, zio farce. Bagelian dialectic between “righties” and “lefties” included.
        Today those ridiculous categories are simply meant to create separate fan club of idiots, soccer style.

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      3. It always was like that. Hitler saw that, that’s why he vanquished the political parties.
        Political parties are just a way of dividing artificially the people.


      4. Both communism and Fascism originate from Hegel’s philosophy.
        Communism, the materialistic side of the exegesis, pointed on the rotten horse of ‘classism’. That is, the war among economic castes. A way to deceive and divide. Yet, until 15-20 years ago you could still witness real political contrapposition of principles among the political factions. The Vision of the world was antithetical regardless oc the subject. In the US in particular, this contrapposition has never existed, actually. And the globalists have exported the same rotten model of fake politics all over the west.
        They are just selling a poor zio show for the masses which is no different from a Brazilian soap opera!

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      5. We see a similar situation around here… The only parties that are more or less defined (in which their members are somehow “coherent”) belong to different shades of the left. The rest of them, are more or less the same.
        And yes, it’s a poor zio show. We are having our zio show right now. In a few days we will have midterm (s)elections… People are fighting each other because the ex-prez, the jewess Kirchner, is running for a place in the Senate… And the zio-shill Macri wants to have the majority of the seats because he still has the minority in the Congress. It’s a (fake) war between Kirchnerists and Macrists…
        A “war” in which every party sucks ass!!

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      6. “So called”… Well said. The trend I have noticed (a trend of which most of my countrymen are oblivious) is that every Western country has corruption and more than its fair share of problems. I don’t mean only the enemygrants that are pounding on Europe. I mean general problems, like corruption and fat zio-shill crooks… It’s everywhere.


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