David Barnouw: a leading Exterminationist Turd in Holland who was so skilled in Turding that once he wanted to prove hoaxer Otto Frank’s handwriting as that of dyslexia scribbling kid Anne Frank, he begun showing how vacuum cleaning was done at Amsterdam’s Holy shrine by putting in the hose at the wrong end making the filth and dirt exploding out, covering the entire premise. Assessment of his forgery skill would be he would put a Donald Duck face on a dollar bill believing it would go through as genuine.

Some claim he was an active Homosexual. He was only about 30 years old when being enlisted into the Exterminationist gang of the Anne Frank Drug Cult Money Racket Imperium.

Isa Cauvern: Master Forger, Otto Fank’s personal secretary and typist. Turd Isa Cauvern is never to have seen hoaxer Otto Frank’s own handwriting. Some claim that the adult handwriting from start belongs to her. When questions begun to circulate about her being an accomplice in forgery crime she committed suicide on 27 June 1946. Some claim she was assassinated by an early group of MOSSAD.

Something similar to the Swedish, Count Folke Bernadotte, who was assassinated on 17 September 1948 while at apartheid Bible bogus state Israel.

Just earlier, Raoul Wallenberg was assassinated by a Kahal Jewish Sicarii group after he had requested return of money he had loaned them. We also are faced with multiple alleged and real suicide cases with people embroiled in the Anne Frank Cult, such as Primo Levi, mentioned, but with suicide concealed, in the LIT1 prime Cult propaganda book.

Ditlieb Felderer received repeated assassination messages for being involved with the Anne Frank Drug Cult forgery.

American President John Kennedy who had demanded from Bible bogus state Israel to reveal about its mass destructive weapons at Dimona, and was critical towards Anne Frank Diary, was assassinated in 22 November 1963, some claim by MOSSAD Dirty Hands work.

Morocco in Norway living Ahmed Bouchikhi gets assassinated by MOSSAD in plain open road at Lillehammer on 21 July 1973. The assassins were caught and soon Norway sent them back to ”Israel”, first class fully paid, so they could carry out further assassinations. Jews are now involved with using the telephone for threats and veiled messages by organized inside synagogue work, much centralizing in Stockholm, Sweden and in Finland. Rigged car accidents, burning of homes, and other international crimes were now carried out at regular basis, much with the help of corrupt politicians, corrupt judiciary, and corrupt police.

The kidnapping of people, started by Sweden, against Einar Aberg, are continued, using terrorist acts with the aid of the Swedish Foreign Office. All this is covertly done with the State payed media keeping silent or fabricating hidden enemies lurking in secret annex rooms. The Detective prose is in full swing.

An orchestrated threat campaign starts in Sweden using such state payed newspapers as Expressen, Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, and others, attacking innocent people for daring to doubt and have opinions. America is attacked and belittled for its Free Speech ideals. Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Rabble-rouser, Lennart Bodstrom, who had been involved with terrorist acts and kidnapping against Ditlieb Felderer, now sets in his son, Rabble-rouser,Thomas Bodstrom and pseudo-prosecutor, Inquisitor Tora Holst, in order to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, and the Anne Frank Drug Cult Money Racket Imperium.

With the help of Zionist promoter, rabble-rouser and thought terrorist, TT, MOV, Ola Larsmo and corrupt pseudo-judge, Johan Hirschfeldt, of the apartheid Zionist rag Dagens Nyheter. USA is now attacked for its Constitution on Free Speech, with Rabble-rouser Ola Larsmo and his team of Thought Terrorists (TT), attacking and mocking American Free Speech, making Sweden’s Hegelian Censorship as the supreme moral virtuous act in man’s history, refurbished and instigated by drug abuser, Sweden’s Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, through the bullying of American sedition Zionists (such as Seditionist Rabbi, Morton Narrowe). Sweden in this way involves itself with overt criminal acts and Crime Against Humanity.

Zionist promoter, Rabble-rouser and Thought Terrorist, TT, Olle Wastberg, in cahoots with Swedish Foreign Office, Dagens Nyheter, and Rabble-rouser, TT, Ola Larsmo, spread the lie through Philip Spender of Index On Censorship, that, Sweden has to torture and abuse critics and doubters of apartheid Israel, not certified by the distinguished Stockholm Synagogue elite and their puppet of Skirthangers.

Criminal elements such as these, infiltrate every conceivable outlet to spread Scofieldism, Hegelianism, and their Israel apartheid and race hate throughout the world— far and wide.—SOURCES: Dagens Nyheter, Kultur, 18 December 2003; Dagens Nyheter, 26 July, 2005.

Index On Censorship 2, 1984:2. Dagens Nyheter is a Swedish Zionist state-payed, and state-run Newspaper used for Thought Terrorism (TT) and Domestic Terrorism (DT). Its mission is to cover-up corrupt politicians and corrupt bureaucrats’ criminal activities and present an image of all-is-fine to a gullible Swedish public.




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