72 Harvard Freemasons & ZioTrash Decide Edgar Winter’s White Trash No Matter How Great & 1st White Band To Play Blues & Rock at Black Apollo Theater To Cheers Can’t Be Real Blues!

By Cowboy

Ziotrash & Freemason elitists always decide what white trash & other goyim can do! Anyway Edgar Winter & his band White Trash & members of His Brother Johnny’s band including Guitar & Rock Singer legend Rick Derringer (& Guitar Blues Legend Johnny for a couple songs) played The all black Apollo Theater to cheers, yet Harvard University Crimson & others claimed it was only the novelty they were cheering for! Really?? So why did they boo Jimi Hendrix for not playing black enough music? Could it not be that despite their prejudices against whites playing “black music” aka R&B & Soul & Blues Edgar & Gospel that his “White Trash” Band were too overwhelmingly good at black blues that they could not help but cheer???


This first song is more black Gospel & Folk style than anything else…”Save our planet” from Double Album “Roadwork” half was recorded at Apollo Theater -Harlem, NYC. Also a real common sense Enviromental Song refering to pollution seen along Hudson River!

Superlong Version of Edgar Winter & White Trash’s Tobacco Road from Roadwork Album recorded at Apollo Theater 1972 in two parts:

https://youtube.com/watch?v=NF7a3l50aMw https://youtube.com/watch?v=jUioInVSsV8

Live Edgar & Johnny & White Trash “Tobacco Road” around 1972– Edgar playing organ & keyboards & awesome R&B Sax & Singing Scat, R&B, Gospel & Blues & Rock & Country in one song!


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