Glasgow ’07 Airport Ridiculous Picture Of A Man In Demin putting Out Man In Pyrotechnics Suit with Hoseless Water!

By Cowboy

…& No Fire Extinguishers Don’t Shoot Water Dumb Goyim! A fire extinguisher does not shoot out a straight stream if water it shoots out wide spray of CO2 & powdery Chemicals! So they either photoshopped or much more likely used a presurized tank of water so they could shoot multiple takes when filming this staged fake event! That way they simply refill the tank & pump it with pressures over & over for the multiple filming takes, and not have all the messy fire extinguisher chemical everywhere!… Same denim jacketed clown in this picture with hands on hips & hoax burning man ( now half naked) being arrested! So he took off his pyrotechnics fire suit for his arrested on ground picture! I suspect this man in Denim is the zioPsyOp Filming director doubling as they rescuer! & How did the fire become an inferno after it was almost put out earlier be one many and a pressurized (pesticide size) water tank???… More Crisis Act-Whoring & ZioHollywood Theatrics aka PsyOp Tricks!… Now look at a these large hoses that appear which were non-existant earlier! LMAO!


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