Hoax Prez Trumpowicz Clown Mocks His Own Mars & Space Script (Revealing the Joke) While Sidekick Sideshow Drunkard Buzz-ed Aldrin Makes Insane Faces!

by Cowboy

Orange Face Clown Trump takes a dump on the goyim & mocks this Mars Script (as he reads it, admitting how silly it is, admitted he had nothing to do with what it says) about going to Space & Mars & About using it To Bring the World Together (Under Zionist & Bankster Ruled Govt’!) Buzz Aldrin looks like an drunkard lawyer who drank too much to keep his license after several way too many drunken rants in court! So now he plays a sideshow NASA clown!


The Moon is Clearly Not 234,000 to 250,000 miles Away & you can land on it whatever it is! You can see stars through the moon especially in it’s invisible areas during different phases!


For Hundreds of Years Astronomers, Cosmologists, Astrologists, etc., have recorded seeing stars through the moon. Plenty of photographic evidence of this exists. You think this is a place you can land on??? NASA fraudster clowns must & do ignore this! There is no room for truth in a world of lies! Nasa is all lies!


The moon is like a semi transparent moving light fixture above the earth.. It never ever shows but one side, the exact same side no matter where you are on the earth! Never is any additional shape or pattern or ‘landscape” or “side” revealed! Not ever the only difference is is turns like a wheels in different parts of the world.. …Like a Lamp or fan on your ceiling appears if you look at it from sides of your kitchen or living room!


It’s Flat! Sun & Moon are close! High Altitude Balloon Footage always confirms this! NASA Photoshopped & painted images prove nothing except that NASA is a fraud & can’t produce any real photos of Spherical Earth from space! None! Try to find one! YOU CAN’T!


So flat & the truth is so close to you! See it!


200 Proofs The Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball!


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