Zio swine wanted dead or alive!


3 thoughts on “Zio swine wanted dead or alive!

  1. Please give me an intial post on this one please:

    Jerusalem Fake ShootOut 2Dead Israeli Police Druze by 3 Palestinians Who got Shot Dead2 Is A Coded Hoax- ZioPuppet Abbas Condems
    It- SpokesLiar MickeyRosenfeld On It

    Slimebag Israeli Hoax SpokesLiar Mickey Rosenfeld is involved propagating this hoax- PsyOp! & Ofcourse Abbas is a vile Traitor & coward to the Palestinian people and this scumbag actually called for Hamas Palestinian Patriots to lay down their arms and allow Israel IDF soldiers to reoccupy Gaza after Hamas defeated & routed Israel in the last war wr hen Israel attacked with missiles, Mortor, Bombings, firebombings, white phosphorous, and bombing over ten thousand homes & schools, and refugee camps and mosques and churches murdering over 2800 innocent people!


    The video in this story it’s 1:14 long aka 11×4 is 44 Death & destruction code.

    Happened on 7- 14 for 777 Order out of Chaos Code.

    Story repeats 3 attackers twice in a row to give the 33° code.

    Story says cops killed were:

    Haiel Sitawe, 30, father to a 3-week old son, and Kamil Shnaan, 22.

    This was to give another 33 vis 30 & 3.

    Then it gives you a dual 33, since 3x 22 is 66 aka dual 33’s!

    Also the 22 is used to subliminally remind you if Israel & the Zionists & Rockefellers & Lucky Larry Silverstein taking down the twin towers which were a combined 220 stories. Also the story was posted at 1:10 again to show you 110 stories & combine for another 33, since 0’s don’t count in Gematria.

    Ex2)Israeli Ziotrash Genocidal Jew Explains Why Israel Staged Another Hoax Shooting:

    To Completely Takeover Jerusalem & Kick Out Palestinians…& Exterminate Them!

    Ex3) Jerusalem 777 Staged Fake Druze Cops ShootOut With Palestinians Camera Footage

    Ex3b) More Fake Phoney Staged Footage of 777 Jerusalem ShootOut–Notice how clear out & Empty it is like a shootOut movie set! Like the Good, the Bad & the Ugly ShootOut!

    Ex3c) Jerusalem 777 ShootOut-This One Is more believable!!


  2. Please give me this as an intial post:

    1951 In France Village ZOG Run CIA Poisoned Innocent People with High Levels of LSD in their Food As Human Guinea Pigs aka Goyim Animals! A Must Watch!

    This is evil like the chemtrail, cloud seeding created floods these monsters orchestrated in North England/Scotland and murdered 5500 people in the 1950’s!

    Thank ZOG CIA ZioJews & Freemason Psychopaths! May you rot in hell!


  3. That’s hideous Crypto Jew Crypto Butch dyke creature! Like Hillary before she had to bleach her hair a d become a fake goyim wifey to Slick Willie Billy Blythe Clinton!

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