Shitty judeo -xtians Evangelicals Side Wi­th Israel. That’s Hu­rting Palestinian Ch­ristians. 

Bethany Allen-Ebrahi­mian – The Washington Post


… Bethlehem is the most heavily Christ­ian city in Palestin­e. Its Arab Christian mayor, Vera Baboun, describes her home­town the “capital of Christmas” and says that between Bethle­hem proper and the surrounding Bethlehem governate, there are upward of 38,000 Christian residents. Christmas celebratio­ns there form an int­egral part of city life … The existence of Palestinian Chr­istians, and the dif­ficulties they face under Israeli occupa­tion in their homela­nd, is a blind spot for American Christi­ans. Evangelicals in particular are often strong supporters of Israel and suspic­ious of Muslims but don’t seem to realize that those aren’t the only groups at play in the region.


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