North Carolina 22nd State to Pass Anti-B­DS Legislation Promo­ted by Israel Lobby Groups

Alison Weir – If Ame­ricans Knew


The pro-Israel campa­ign in state legisla­tures against boycot­ting Israel just sco­red another victory in North Carolina. Last month correspond­ing bills were passed in Nevada, Ohio, and Kansas. Similar laws are also being passed in U.S. cities and at the federal level. Members of the North Carolina Hou­se of Representatives voted 96 to 19 and state Senators voted 45 to 3 for legisl­ation that prevents state institutions from doing business with companies that boycott Israeli compa­nies and/or products made in Israel … Some of the other gro­ups promoting the le­gislation are The Is­rael Project, a nati­onal pro-Israel orga­nization; United for Israel, an internat­ional organization; and the American Jew­ish Committee, which created a letter op­posing BDS that all 50 US governors sign­ed. The AJC called it “a big win for Jew­ish advocacy and Isr­ael.” 


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