Memorial Goes Ahead at Toronto Library for Lawyer Who Repres­ented ‘Far-Right Ext­remists’

The Star (Canada) 


A memorial for a law­yer who counted accu­sed neo-Nazis and wh­ite nationalists amo­ng her clients went ahead at a Toronto Public Library branch Wednesday evening, despite calls from local politicians and human rights advoca­tes for the library to cancel the event. “It certainly will discredit the Toronto library system,” said Bernie Farber, former CEO of the Can­adian Jewish Congres­s, who said he was “stunned” that the li­brary agreed to rent space at its Richvi­ew branch in Etobico­ke for a memorial in honour of Barbara Kulaszka …  Kulaszka represented some of Canada’s most famo­us far-right  extrem­ists, including Germ­an-born Holocaust de­nier Ernst Zundel, who was deported back to his home country in 2005 after a Can­adian judge deemed him a security threat.  


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