5 thoughts on “Demo-Scam

  1. The Federal Reserve must be Abolished & all the debt fraudulently owned the Banksters refudiated! All the wealth of the International bankers confiscated Same in every country! Treasury notes of common, even wealthy people would be honored. The people must be made to know without the debt there be no need for any income tax on citizens at all! Every man would be free! Every man a king! Only for large corporations coukd be taxed & banks and at a state level. And revenue for the federal government would come mostly from import taxes called tarrifs & port taxes & ship/shipping taxes. A man who pays a tax on his wages is a slave! Their is not profit no “income” in a man’s wages off his own labor! As a free man it is his property, his liberty!

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  2. Please give me this one as an intial post:

    Vaccines Are [Zio]Wonderful & Profitable for Ziotrash! Take ‘Em, Get ‘Em, Give ‘Em Dumb Goyim! Proof Merck Vaccines Created in 1941 as part Bioweapons Program!

    The deadly Bio Weapon Gift That Keeps On Killing! Givin’ Zios Big $$!

    Zionists, Talmudists, Kabalist & alchemist Jews agree they are wonderful for the Goyim & Big ZioPharma & Cancer Chemo/ Radiation / Surgery Profit$$$! With vaccines we can now destroy 1 in 33 young healthy goyim boys in USA thru autism! And Our Crypto jew pedo fake Christian priests can destroy many more! CPS many more!


  3. If a real America First /Country First / Own Native Race Candidate & AntiWar Candidate Comes to the Fore like Pat Buchanan in 1996 & he starts winning in the primaries or preliminary rounds the Zionist Jews’ fake News Media goes all-out bonkers & calls him a racist, insane, isolationalist, NAZI, antiSemetic, facist, even bizzarly a warmonger!!! Pat Buchanan won the New Hampshire Primary defeating the handpicked ziopuppet losers like Bob Dole & Phil Gramm & the media went on a relentless all-lies-allowed satanic, talmudic crusade against him! Plus after 1996 they completely computerized, zionized fraudized all elections in USA!

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    1. The system has been built along 100 years & the zionists know how to handle their machine. The system must be torned apart. You need to come back to the principles of the original constitution and implement them as to prevent its theft like it has been happening from the creation of the zio Fed. No way out.

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