AMERICA FIRST? Trump’s Record Shows Otherwise

   Donald Trump began his presidency pro­mising an “America First” foreign policy. But he also says: “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent.” And he pl­edges “unbreakable” support for the Zion­ist state.

   So which is it? Tr­ump can chart an “Am­erica First” foreign policy, or he can “fight for Israel 1,0­00 percent.” But he cannot do both.

   One promise he’s kept is to align US policy with the Israe­l’s interests and ag­enda. President Trump is binding the Uni­ted States more clos­ely than ever to the Zionist state.

   For Trump, Israel’s enemies are Americ­a’s enemies. In line with that, he threa­tens war against Ira­n. And he’s stepped up the US military role in the Syria con­flict, even ordering a missile strike ag­ainst a Syria air ba­se – a violation of both US law and inte­rnational law. 

   Along with other prominent politicians, Trump has made cle­ar, time and again, his submissive devot­ion to the formidable power of the pro-I­srael lobby. His rec­ord of pandering to influential Zionist groups suggests that he will do nothing to curtail Jewish-Zi­onist power and its grip on US foreign policy. 

   American taxpayers hand over more than $3 billion to Israel each year. That’s more than $8 million every day. It just doesn’t make se­nse. Those billions are needed here at home.

  What’s needed are policies dedica­ted to the best inte­rests of the US and the world. And that means ending America­’s decades-old record of open-ended supp­ort for the Zionist state.

  More than ever, it’s important to raise awareness about the powerful forces that promote war, injustice and oppres­sion, and which put Jewish-Zionist inter­ests ahead of what’s best for America and humanity.

   The IHR is at the forefront in the glo­bal struggle for fre­edom and truth in hi­story. What we accom­plish depends on bac­king from men and wo­men like you.

Please help! 

Faithfully yours,

Mark Weber 
Director, Institute for Historical Review


16 thoughts on “AMERICA FIRST? Trump’s Record Shows Otherwise

  1. Please give me this as an intial post:

    911 Predictive Programming In [Producer] David Angell & Kelsey Grammer TV Shows: Fraser, Wings, Cheers.. ..& More 911 Predictive Programming

    Never forget who did 911!

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  2. Trump being officially certified as a Kosher Buttboy Amerikan Buffoon by the Satanic Chabad Lubavitcher psychopaths! And the ziopig is proud of his servitude & treason for Israel against the American people!

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    1. Good photos, man! Anyone who still thinks that Trump puts America first, and that he is a friend of the White Race, must see them! Do you mind if I post them on my site, crediting you because you posted them here first?

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  3. Ziotrash Faggotry & TrannyFag Freaks & Israel cum first with Trump! He bends over & wears his yurmulke for the ziotrash & fags! Trump Clown Even bobs his head like a buffoon at the wailing wall for these demons!

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  4. Please give me this as an intial post:

    Virginia WDBJ Hoax ReportWhore Shooting Laurel & Hursty <- Laurel & Hardly Parody & Tribute To Laurel & Hardy Movies

    Laurel & Hardy 1932 movie..
    "The Music Box".

    Laurel & Hardy In Liberty..
    Prison Escapees..

    Laurel & Hardy Join the Army!

    Laurel & Hardy The Fixer Uppers 1934…

    Laurel & Hardy A Chump at Oxford

    Laurel & Hardy "Babes in Toyland" aka "Wooden Soldiers"


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