Myrtle Beach Hoax ShootOut Shooter 17 Shoots 7 -Was Facing 5 trials! For Carjacking, Gun In Felony, Probation Violation, etc.. Ridiculous Hoax Coding! 777&33etc No Blood!

by Cowboy

You know it is a hoax since he could not even be on the loose right now with all the charges against him already pending while on probation! LMAO! He was free because he agreed to be Crisis Actwhore in this Treasonous DHS zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp! Now he will get off without anytime in prison!

Also you know it is fake because it was choreographed live & broadcast live of facebook with the speaker/filmer Crisis Actwhore using police phrases like officer down repeatedly! And Knowing it was a cop shot. And no blood anywhere! & also turning the camera away for no explicable reason in middle of staged shooting!

From the Charlotte Observer story..
He is 17, shooting was on night of 17 into 18th. So it gives us a July(7) 17th Shooting of yr 17 of this Century & Millenia. 17 17 17 for a 111 & 777. 1+7 x3 also an 888 code. 7 & 17 gives you 24 aka 888 & also a dual 66 & 66 or dual pairs of 33.

Also story begins with town of Gilead 1100 people 55 miles from Charlotte– This is to give us re-inforcement programming of 110 stories of each WTC Tower on 911. Also to give us 11 & 55 for 66 aka dual 33° code yet again. Gilead also Subliminally says “GI Lead” like a USA soldier called a “GI” shooting lead bullets!

Also his bail was $30,000 & $50,000 for an 8 aka 44 Death & Destruction code! & it happened at 12:30 am 18th to get a 666 code!…

Longer Version of Facebook Live Streamed Video Here:…

Teen accused of shooting into Myrtle Beach crowd was already facing 5 other trials

The teen accused of opening fire last month into a crowd on Myrtle Beach’s Ocean Boulevard has five other pending trials on offenses that include possessing a weapon of mass destruction, court records show.

Myrtle Beach Police identified the suspect as 17-year-old Derias J’Shaun Little of Mt. Gilead, according to The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News. Mt. Gilead is town of about 1,100 people, located 55 miles east of Charlotte in Montgomery County.

Police have told media outlets Little is known to have been “involved in gang activity” and knew his immediate victim in the shooting.

Court records in North Carolina show the teen has pending trials for offenses including possession of controlled substance with the intent to manufacture, sell or deliver; felony possession of Schedule I drug; felony breaking and entering; possession of a weapon of mass destruction; carrying a concealed gun; possession of a handgun by a minor; possession of stolen goods; and felony larceny. Most of the charges are related to incidents that happened last winter, records show.

North Carolina court records show he was found guilty in 2016 of stealing dogs and given a year’s probation, which he violated.

The (Columbia) State reported Little was denied bond Tuesday morning on the seven counts of attempted murder. The court set the bond at $50,000 for the carjacking charge and $30,000 for possession of a weapon during a violent crime, the State reported.

The June 18 shooting left seven people injured, six of them hospitalized with injuries not considered life-threatening. Little was among those hurt. Police say he was shot by an armed security officer on the scene, the Sun News reported.

Read more here:…


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