Fascismo Argentino


11 thoughts on “Fascismo Argentino

    1. Indeed, what a zio-shill she was! Nasty zio-shill bitch!! “I stand with the jews, I defend their right to exist”…
      Oh kid, let’s say that my opinion is completely contrary to that… If it was a survey on which you have to inform your level of agreement with said phrase, I’d say: “I disagree VERY strongly.”

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  1. Good one! And remember what the late Oriana Fallaci said of us…
    “every Argentinian has a fascist dwarf inside of him.”
    Hahahahahahaha! People now feel scorned because of said dwarf, I don’t! Democracy is useless, and people back then knew it!!

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      1. I didn’t know that, but I am not surprised… She said that phrase as a: “you evuul fascist Argentines” stance. As if demockracy was something good… Bullshit! It has shattered us as a nation!!

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      2. She was a lefTard once. She made a infamous interview to commie who was fighting against the colonels in Greece. Then used to live in NYC and became virulently anti muslim. She hit the top list of the conservatives, then. I dont remind of a word against the jooz..

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      3. I knew about her anti-muslim stance, but not all the rest. I think she also was an atheist, if I am not mistaken. And no, as far as I know, never read a word against the jews from her… That’s why we are still talking about her. Those who are critical of the jews are shoved down the memory hole after they die.

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