On July 20, 1940 Churchill sends for Sir Charles Portal, The Chief of Bomber Command, and REQUESTS .
“When is the earliest that you could launch a vicious air attack on Berlin?”

Portal replies . . .”not until September because the nights aren’t long enough to fly form England to Berlin and back in the hours of darkness.”   HE ALSO WARNS Churchill against doing so :  ” I warn you,  if you do that, THE GERMANS WILL RETALIATE.” 

Churchill DID order Bombings on German Civilian locations FIRST and also REFUSED to sign an agreement  by Hitler not to attack Civilian cities and cultural areas only THEN did Germany retaliate in kind after they were attacked.

Dismantling Churchillian Mythology Theodore O Keefe

WHAT THE WORLD REJECTED: Hitler’s numerous peace offers time to face the facts.

The ‘Dehousing Paper’ – the Real Extermination Policy – How to Murder 25 Million Germans and get away with it


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