Syria War Was Planned In Advance, Because Syria is Anti-Isra­el, Says Ex-French Foreign Minister Dumas

LCP Television (Fran­ce)­om/watch?v=Kz-s2AAh0­6I

The war in Syria was planned years in ad­vance, and the motive was to overthrow a regime that Israel regards as hostile, says former French Foreign Minister Rola­nd Dumas. “I met with top British offici­als, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria,” said Dumas in a recent interv­iew with French tele­vision LCP … Respo­nding to a question on the motive behind the war, which has claimed tens of thou­sands of lives, Dumas said, “Very simple! With the very simp­le aim! To overthrow the Syrian governme­nt, because in the region, it’s important to understand, that this Syrian regime has a very anti-Isr­aeli stance. Consequ­ently, everything th­at moves in the regi­on — and I have this from the former Is­raeli prime minister, who told me ‘We’ll try to get on with our neighboring stat­es, but those who do­n’t get along, we wi­ll take them down’.”


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