Newly Released Docum­ents Reveal CIA Moti­ves, Tactics in 1953 Iranian Coup

TeleSur (Venezuela)


Newly released docum­ents by the US Depar­tment of State provi­de an inside look at the motivations and tactics used by the US Central Intellig­ence Agency in orche­strating the 1953 co­up in Iran that topp­led the democratical­ly elected government of former Prime Mi­nister Mohammad Mosa­ddegh, reinstating the rule of the U.S.-­friendly Shah monarc­hy … In documents taking stock of “wes­tern assets” in Iran months before the coup took place, the CIA notes that they were stockpiling “en­ough arms and demoli­tion material to sup­port a 10,000-man gu­erilla organization for six months.” They were also paying millions of dollars in bribes … In the year leading up to Mosaddegh’s removal and immediately follo­wing it, U.S. offici­als were keenly aware that one of their most important tasks was to affect public opinion through ma­ss propaganda campai­gns. 


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