Advice on Learning Latin

By Sean Gabb

Why anyone should put so much effort into learning one or two dead languages is a question I do not propose to discuss. I have discussed it at length elsewhere. All I will say is that, if you are ignorant of at least Latin, you are deaf to some of the finest products of the human mind; you are missing a whole dimension in English literature; you are imperfectly aware of where we stand in the progress of our civilisation. You are at best a mannered barbarian. You probably do not know the grammar and the potential of your own language.


3 thoughts on “Advice on Learning Latin

  1. I used to write a Belgium girl a long time ago as a boy & she, at only 15, knew German, French, English, Italian, Spanish & a little Portuguese & some other language (maybe Dutch)! She only had 11 Grades instead of 12 also! Every child should learn more languages.

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