Texas Truther Boldly Confronts Ex Dallas Ex-Police Chief Fraud & Fake Shot Cop & Freemasons &ZioJews & CBS Reporter On Hoax Dallas 2016 ShootOut! Pure Guts, Pure Balls!

by Cowboy

Pure Balls!! Courage Truth! This is how you do it! Get in the face of these lying Sacks of ZioPuppet Treasonous $h#t & get them on camera! He’s ruining the 1 year Anniversary of the Dallas Sniper ShootOut PsyOp! LOL!


Truther YouTuber Dana W interviews Dallas CBS Reporter Ken Molestina at public event honor cops & such.. You can see it in his eyes that this reporter knows it is a PsyOp & that he will get Rick Sanchez-ed if he admits it!


Truther Dana W Confronts Lying Crisis ActWhore Traitor Dallas Cop who claims he was shot– but was not! Watch this Lying Smirky Jerky Cop!



4 thoughts on “Texas Truther Boldly Confronts Ex Dallas Ex-Police Chief Fraud & Fake Shot Cop & Freemasons &ZioJews & CBS Reporter On Hoax Dallas 2016 ShootOut! Pure Guts, Pure Balls!

  1. Please give me this one as an intial post & also the last one about Chris Dorsey & Trumpowicz!

    Van Morrison Says Gene Vincent & Jerry Lee Lewis Are Real Rebels Not These Plastic Conformists, Slaves, Fake Rebels! So Let’s Meet Rock & Roll Real Rebel Gene Vincent!

    Indeed this was a bad @$$ black leather jacket Real Rebel White Boy who could back it up! A white guy playing real Rock & Roll from the beginning! Not a White bread, melba toast Pop poser! Raw sexual Rock & Roll like Jerry Lee Lewis! He could shake his pelvis & get down & sing like a S.O.B.! lol He had a guitar player who would jump around & play guitar lying on the floor!

    From Rolling Stone Interview:

    Van Morrison: “I had to go through several years of struggling and being blacklisted, all this crap that nobody writes about at all. That’s real history.”

    RS: “Why were you blacklisted?”
    VM: “Well, what do you think?”

    RS: “I don’t actually understand why. You’re a singer.”

    VM: “Well, you’re very naive. You shouldn’t be in the business you’re in. Because I didn’t go along with their program, that’s why. That’s the only reason why anybody’s blacklisted. Because you don’t want to be a fucking slave, right? They didn’t want anybody who wasn’t going to bend over for them. You’re not complying – and they want you to comply.

    All this bullshit about rebels and all that crap – they’re all establishment and complying all the time. All these so-called rebels, rock & roll bullshit – they’re all conformists. Real rebels are people like Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Vincent. They were the real rebels, not these pretenders.”

    Gene Vincent in Italy 1960


  2. Virginia Militia Patriot Leader Chris Dorsey Exposes Hoax Prez Zio Clown Puppet Trumpowicz & Zio Psychopath Lubavitchers & Putin!

    Chris Dorsey Is A Rebel, a Wildman in a good way! He has completely broken his zioMedia Programming & Kosher forced ziospeak! Courageous, no fear, pure balls of steel!


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