Millions Of Italians Rise Up Against New FORCED Vaccination Law – Jew World Order

But the msm keep silent…


9 thoughts on “Millions Of Italians Rise Up Against New FORCED Vaccination Law – Jew World Order

  1. When one of these ziotrash Frankenstein Doctwhores destroys your kid with these bioweapons… .It’s time for some real non-fake, non PsyOp open season on the Frankenstein monster who cripples or kills your kid!

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  2. Got to bioweapon castrate those Italian high tempered goyim trouble makers before they really wake up and turn over the poisoned apple carts of the ziotrash bastards! Or next they will be turning over the money changer tables & sex changer / trannyfag indoctrination edjewcation/ pornofagation of kids!

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  3. 53 vaccinations!! That’s an awful lot!!
    We have the Gardasil vaccine for girls aged 11… and they want to push it for boys as well… Cristina Kirchner government was one of the first governments that made the vaccine mandatory, I think.
    And a deputy of Cambiemos (Macri’s party) wanted to pull out forced vaccinations as well… There was an uproar by the people, so she had to backpedal… Even her party left her alone… Yes, there are a lot of “Baaaaaaah!” around here.


      1. I have started to call zio-chicks also the gals who are well inserted in the system and find this reality we are forced to live in as feasible. The guys are simply retarded bubbs instead.

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      2. Yeah. Notice that autism hits the guys way, way harder than the girls. Definitely there must be something than sickens baby boys, and not girls so much… There is more than a fair share of girls who find all this crap the besterest thing we have had since sliced bread… Which is not.

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