Making America great again..


6 thoughts on “Making America great again..

  1. In the book, The Work of All Ages, there is a statistic that says in 1877 there were about 277,000 or Jews in the US. In 1926, just 2 generations later, there 4.5 million Jews in the country. America took in so many Russian and Polish Jews who were either being kicked out or fleeing their countries of origin.

    This one statistic does more to explain the changes in American society in the past 100 years than any other. Jews were advising Woodrow Wilson back then and FDR in the 30s and 40s.

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      1. Wilson gave FDR his start in politics at the national level as FDR was in his cabinet. Wilson gave the Americans the phony Federal Reserve, the income tax and America’s entry into World War One. He was bad for American and bad for the world.

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