UK’s 114 Yr Old Vauxhall & 118 y.o. Opel Carmakers Takeover (from GM) by Peugeot Govt’ Approval for mere tiny $2.9 Bil!

by Cowboy

This will make Peugot/Citreon/ Adam Opel/Vauxhall the #2 Carmaker in Europe after Volkswagen.

Vauxhall has made cars in UK since 1903. And it has been owned by GM General Motors of USA since 1925. It has 4500 Employees in UK. And produces over 200,000 Cars per year.

Opel sells over 1 million cars per year. Opel has sold & assembled cars since 1899. But at first they were a French car built for them & then another French Maker built the frame & motor in 1902 to 1907 & they added the body. And They started building their completely own cars in 1906. Also Adam Opel was the first German Car maker to use an modern American type assembly line. And they were the top selling German car by the 1930’s and even number 1 in Europe by 1939. GM bought the company in 1929 impressed by their modern assembly line & standardized production technique which most German & Europe companies were far behind American carmakers in doing so. So most of the European cars were more expensive & often much lower quality than American ones.
Anyway this is for UK really just more of the zionist/Capitalist deindustrialization of UK & the castration of it’s people’s & workers pride in producing modern manufactured goods. The Vauxhall will still be made in UK for now atleast. Also both Vauxhall & Opel were much older manufacturing companies before they ever made cars.…


Adam Opel Cars

1939 Vauxhall J 14…

1957 Vauxhall Victor…

1939 Vauxhall Luxury Big 6…

1939 Opel Kapitan…

1939 Opel Admiral…

1937 Opel Admiral (with a Fastback if you will…)…

1969-74 Vauxhall Droop Snoot which stole it’s look from the 1964 Studebaker Avanti..…

Studebaker Avanti:


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