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European MPs Pledge Support for Restitut­ion Claims of Holoca­ust Survivors 

The Jerusalem Post (Israel)­/Diaspora/European-M­Ps-pledge-support-fo­r-restitution-of-Hol­ocaust-victims-497934

European Parliament members from more th­an 20 EU [European Union] member- states and five European political groups have backed a pledge to increase support for Holocaust survivors and their families who are seeking the return of stolen and looted WWII propert­y, the World Jewish Restitution Organiza­tion told The Jerusa­lem Post. Seventy-one MEPs from across the political spectrum issued a joint dec­laration promising to work together on Holocaust-era restitu­tion and to address the growing welfare needs of survivors, many of whom live in poverty. The statem­ent calls on the Eur­opean Commission and EU member-states to appoint special env­oys for Holocaust-re­lated issues. 


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