It’s “Almost Independence Day” in USA & If You Wondered What Inspired Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”

by Cowboy

..Van Morrison!

It’s Undeniable! Van plays a double bass guitar & uses a moog synthesizer for the eery sound like ships in the distance. (Listen especially when it gets to 45 seconds, when it goes from like tuning a guitar to stereo.) Same notes lead the Pink Floyd song. And there us no question Roger Waters was a fan of Van & listening to his albums like all the bands from & in San Francisco & LA NY & many in Motown & Philly& elsewhere in the late 60’s & 70’s especially, even if the trashy clowns at Rolling Stone Rag Mag didn’t know what great & revolutionary albums he was producing! Bruce Springsteen & Bob Segar & Jackson Brown have admitted his work inspired theirs. (Most Rock Bands won’t admit any white [American especially] artist inspired their music. They all act like they got it directly from Chuck Berry or Muddy Waters or Robert Johnson! LMAO! SURE!) I can now hear this song Almost Independence Day & this St Dominic’s Preview album in so many artists “original” songs I have been listening to for all these years only I never knew the common source of their inspiration! Van! And Elton John seems to have stolen more than anybody from Van singing in same tone & voice, style notes, synthesizer, bass, guitar, etc, on one song especially..but on more than one album..(I will show you later)..

This is why Roger Waters insisted on giving Van such lead role at his Berlin Wall/ East Germany Concert.. He felt he owed him. & He did! After Syd Barrett was gone from Pink Floyd who was writing most of their songs they were admittedly lost… so they or atleast Roger found his inspiration in St Dominics Preview Album & Astral Weeks & Almost Indepence Day & in Van’s Unique styles. And don’t get me wrong Roger & Gilmour & Floyd certainly went on to produce a lot more incredible stuff!
The big difference in Van & most artists is he is multi instrumental & is a virtually a composter & he may take an idea from an old song like the title’s theme & idea of the song or poem but he doesn’t steal the lyrics or words or the notes or the chorus or riff or arrangements, etc, Like his song “Bright Side of the Road” it’s idea is from the old “Sunny Side of Life” but not the lyrics or the music. Same as his “Have I told You Lately That I Love You” only the title is the same as the older song by the same name. And when he does someone’s else’s song he fully credits them, pays the royalty & makes the song better in his arrangement like with Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”. He took a good song and made it a great song & inspired the Rolling Stones to make a lot of great songs in that style. And he did the same thing in different genre of Rock & other types music which didn’t yet even yet have names for their style. Like Ezra Pound would start a new style of Poetry & promote it & promote other proteges who starting writing in the style & he’d abandon the style himself & start a new one! Pound was always more concerned with promoting the careers & poetry of others than promoting his own work. And also he’d find them benefactors & places to sleep & make sure they didn’t starve! Well I’m not saying Van did any of that like Ezra Pound but atleast he’s given others artist something to copy & even got rich off of it in a lot of cases!

Van Morrison’s 1972 Album
St Dominics Preview (Whole Album):

Pink Floyd’s 1975- Album
Wish You Were Here:


4 thoughts on “It’s “Almost Independence Day” in USA & If You Wondered What Inspired Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”

  1. From Rolling Stone interview 1977:

    Morrison had unquestionably earned his place on the stage. His effect on music can be heard in everyone from Bob Seger and Elton John to Bruce Springsteen and Thin Lizzy. Van hears it too. “In doing what I did I know I paved a certain amount of ground,” he declares. “But I’m at the point now where it’s paying off, no matter if people copy me or not. It doesn’t matter if people are ripping me off, I just love it all. I love it because it means that it was worthwhile . . . other people are getting things from it.”

    Then it dawns on him what’s been playing on the restaurant’s piped-in music system–his own “I Wanna Roo You” from Tupelo Honey. He is genuinely surprised. “That’s me ” he exclaims. It prompts a final monologue. “Success, to me, is not album sales. It’s being happy with what I’m doing. Every artist, of course, wants the album to sell if they’re going to stay up late at night and I work on it and think about it and come up with the songs… of course, he wants it to sell. But what’s important to me is just being able to sit here and dig everything for exactly what it is, and feel good about it. To sit here and look at the Pacific and think, “That’s okay, That feels good,’ ”

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