“GENERAL PATTON was MUrDERED because He found out the TRUTH 1of2 see DESCRIPTION below” on YouTube

By Blondie Annabelle Callme

GENERAL PATTON was Murdered because he found out the TRUTH 

Who was he murdered By?

Well take a guess, they feared he knew the truth and when he got back to the States he would expose them even more
One of our finest and fearless Patriots and Generals.
We did indeed.
The retards, sorry for my harsh language, well not really, would call the TRUTH spoken by this man as hate speech. 

Didn’t you know, the Jews always regard Truth as hate.
Who do you think invented the politically correct term to censor free speech as somehow being hate speech? ye that’s right the same tribe
RIP ✞ General Patton,  pity we don’t have more Patriotic Americans🗽🔔 like you.


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