4th of July WeekEnd Fake Shootings By Israeli Ziotrash Traitor Rahm Emanuel Run Chicago Fake Kills 6 & Injure 46 Incudes Judge’s Son!

by Cowboy

More Psychological Terror Waged On The American People by the Treasonous Ziotrash Jew Mob for their evil Gun Confiscation Agenda against the Hated American Goyim!

Stay Armed Americans & stay aware of who your real enemy is! Stay ready to eliminate Treasonous Criminals /would-be Gun Confiscators! Remember 4th of July is about shooting the Bloody Redcoats when they come for your guns! Same now as 241 Years Ago on 1776! Aim Small, Miss Small!

Thus to the Gun Grabbers, give them no guns! Give them bullets, give the tomohawks to the head, kill em’ the enemy dead!!! But never give the Redcoats nor Rothschild (Redshield) Minions any guns! Thus to the tyrants:


Crisis ActWhore Fake Shot in head Duriel Lyke son of Judge John Lyke Jr:


ZioPuppet Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke (gave “his only begotten buffoon son” to get fake shot as as A zioPuppet Crisis ActWhore!



Out of Bullets??? Chop Chop! Not Excuse more Gun Gun Confiscators Need Killing! Tomahalk Time! Take out the Traitors:



How to great Gun Confiscators when they come to visit…for your guns:



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