Bronx NYC Hospital Fake Shooter Doctor Bello,45 is Alias Henry W Obotetukudo,45, Actor of Bronx-NYC, Beverly Hills, Miami, LA, Proof! BUSTED by me, Cowboy!

by Cowboy

New York Times says he is 45. Same as this identity/alias I found. And it also has his Bellow alias shown too (that some stories mention.) And he is all over Wealthy California towns where actors & wealthy live. And he actually has more series of aliases. The Heavy website (which is in on all these PsyOps/Hoaxes) shows his medical licence where he is listed as Bello Henry Williams! Yet No one even mentions that alias either! Some ziomedia just say they can’t find any medical license under Henry Bello! Well no! His license is under Henry Bello Williams another last name so it would never come up!…

From Radaris Indentity Search:

Henry W Obotetukudo~45 New York

Known as /aliases:

Belo Herry
Henry W Bello
Henry W Bellow

Related to:

Miriam Bello, ~27 Emmanuel Bello, 37 Yvonne Bello Yvonne F Bello, ~46
Micha B Bello, 32 Micah Bello, 32
Miriam Bello, 62

New York, NY
Bronx, NY
Beverly Hills, CA
Agoura Hills, CA
Moorpark, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Newbury Park, CA
Thousand Oaks, CA
Brooklyn, NY
Woodside, NY
Miami, FL
Irvington, NJ
Los Angeles, CA
Rancho Cucamonga, CA…


2 thoughts on “Bronx NYC Hospital Fake Shooter Doctor Bello,45 is Alias Henry W Obotetukudo,45, Actor of Bronx-NYC, Beverly Hills, Miami, LA, Proof! BUSTED by me, Cowboy!

  1. Please give me this as an intial post also:

    Little Rock Rapper Fake Shooter Arrested By ATF, Fed Marshals, FBI 374mi Away Birmingham for dual 77 code & #28Injured > Dual 77 & Impossible 25 Shot, Yet No Dead!

    Also he is 25 & 25 were shot of 28 injured for yet another 77 code as 2+5 is 7 twice for 77!
    So actually you have triple dual 77 Hoax codes!

    This DHS Script is so non sensical- why would he drive to his hangouts like Birmingham past Memphis..& when from Little Rock he could have been in atleast any of, 5 or 6 different states where they’d not know or expect! They even admit in the script they set up traps around Birmingham to catch him! So the script was only that he’d only go to Birmingham! lol In a real such shooting He’d have had some flunky drive the Mercedes back to Birmingham or where ever & he’d have another flunky or girlfriend drive him to Missouri or Kentucky or where ever like any of 5 or 6 nearby states much closer than 375 miles! & stay gone until things cooled down & an alibi , & etc could be established & favorable witnesses “found” or bought by his lawyer! lol

    Just like P Diddy/Puff Daddy always does!

    The script had him cross state lines to use Alphabet Soup Federal Buffoon Agencies to arrest him. But not to a realistic place he’d actually go, because the script has to simplistic for ziomedia brainwashed zombies!

    Triple Dual 77 in PsyOp Script & another 77 single

    374 mi aka: 3+ 74 =77
    374 aka 3+7+4 aka 14 aka 77

    28 injured aka 14 &14 aka dual 77

    25yr old shooter & 25 shot aka


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