Oy! Jewish Adolf Hitler, 128 y.o. makes outing: “I have been hiding here, in Argentina” …



10 thoughts on “Oy! Jewish Adolf Hitler, 128 y.o. makes outing: “I have been hiding here, in Argentina” …

  1. LOL. I thought Hitler was living in Bariloche, at the south of my country… Yesterday I saw a “documental” that claimed that he went here, according to declassified files of the FBI, and showed photos of where he supposedly lived, yadda yadda. I had a laughter at the shit they spouted out… They even claimed that an American researcher saw the blueprints for a house called Inalco, close to Bariloche, and that those blueprints were in German and shit like that… Guess what: they never showed the blueprints.


    1. It was mis translated..the original document of the associated press reported that Paulus of Tarsus lived in Bariloche, met Hitler who previously paraglided there in bathing suit & confessed Hitler was forced to postumously convert to judaism by netayahoo..

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      1. It’s a joo who drinks juice!! The madness!!
        Over 128 years old! It must be a record, or something… Plus he looks like he is only 90! Truly a miracle!! Like the joo who went without water for three years thanks to his magic pebble! LOL

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      2. Yes, he looks younger. Definitely doesn’t have 128 years. And his eye color doesn’t even match Hitler’s eyes (I have seen colored photos of the Führer, and his eyes were closer to a navy blue, this jude eyes look more greenish). Face shape is different too. The news media around here don’t lift the news, probably because they know they will be laughed to death by Argentinian normies, we can be pretty acidic when we want. It’s so stupid that it doesn’t make any sense at all.


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