New St Louis RaceWar PsyOp Black Cop Shot By White Cop After 2 Cops Recognized him! After Fake Cop Chase & ShootOut! @42sec Drill Dummy On Ground! LMAO!

by Cowboy

44,66&77,666 &Dual 33Coded PsyOp!

You just can’t get more ridiculous than this hoax/ ZioPsyOpTricks ZioTheatrics ZioHollywood RaceWar script! Cop Chase Car has no bullet holes, no glass on ground! White Cop shoots black cop after 2 cops already have recognize him & more cops are on scene next to them! lmao! And the white Dummy on the ground with mannequinn arm really takes the cake!!! Also Idiot ZioPuppet Buffoon mayor screws her script up & says she is happy the black cop was shot! I lost that video but I will post it later when I find it.

This is exact excerpt from WP Story from June 27, today, below:

(The off-duty black officer, 38 years old and an 11-year veteran of the force, was at home when he heard shots and sirens from the chase of a stolen car by members of an anti-crime task force. He grabbed his service weapon and went to help, but two on-duty officers ordered him to the ground until they recognized him and told him to stand up and walk toward them. As he was doing so, another on-duty officer, a white 36-year-old officer with eight years on the force, arrived on the scene and, “fearing for his safety,” shot the officer, hitting him in the arm.
To recap: An off-duty police officer runs to help fellow officers, complies with all orders and still ends up getting shot. What exactly was the threat that was posed that required the use of deadly force)

All that above is from story…It’s a Hoax! It admits the two cop ordered him to the ground (since he was armed & at his home near where they were supposedly investigating or making a stolen car arrest).

Then then they soon recognized him as a cop who they knew & told him to get up walk towards. Then another white cop comes up on the scene and shoots him! Right! Not! BS! It’s a zionist DHS RaceWar hoax PsyOp tied with the Ferguson Ongoing RaceWar Agenda Series of PsyOps!…

As for the gematria codes: 11+38 is 49 aka 77.

38 to subliminally say 38 special handgun.

June 237 aka 999 aka 666 upside down.

44 Death & destruction code from 16 being 4×4

36 is 6×6 for 66 aka dual 33° code
36 is also likr dual 666 as 36 is like 666 & 666 – 6 sixes

Also they like puting 11 into stories like the 110 stories of each WTC.

See The Drill Dummy lying on the ground just before 42 sec mark! Dumb A-Holes!! Certainly a DHS Paid drill & PsyOp reported treasonously as a Real shooting for the Zionist Agendas of: RaceWar, Cops Vs Black, Gun Confiscation & Police State!


2 thoughts on “New St Louis RaceWar PsyOp Black Cop Shot By White Cop After 2 Cops Recognized him! After Fake Cop Chase & ShootOut! @42sec Drill Dummy On Ground! LMAO!

  1. Ex6) San Francisco UPS Actors & Other Crisis ActWhores Drilling In Perfect Formation! & 14 (77) Coded Cop Car!

    095 aka 14 aka 77 &
    144 Cop Car Also to include 44 death & destruction Code

    Also 144 is also the name on some Sections of Baltimore National Pike aka Baltimore National Road which goes/went from Baltimore to San Francisco!


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