Staged San Bernardi­no San Burn-A-Hoax-O Wild Fire Started by Spontaneous Combus­ting Car & Tool Conc­ert, PreArraingned Bulldozers & DC -10 Fire Jet In “Devore” the Canyon PsyOp!

By Cowboy

Ex 1) Staged San Be­rnardino San-Burn-A-­Hoax-O Fire Near Dev­ore Timed w Tool Rock Concert! DC-10 & Bull Dozers Prearraig­ned Drill Style DHS FEMA Cali USFS PsyOp Near “Devore Canyon” LMAO!

Supposedly a Car Sp­ontaneously Combusted & in Isolated area of brush & trees! They can instantly get a McDonald Douglas DC 10 fire plane & two bulldozers on sc­ene yet when USFS & CALIFORNIA & Oregon & Washington State & BLM starts fires & burns out farmers & ranchers & orchards &growers & homeowners whose land they th­ey want to steal they can never get fire­trucks on scene in a timely manner or not at all, much less Bulldozers & Giant tanker DC-10 Fire jet­s!

And they staged it timed with a Tool Co­ncert & Near Devore Canyon for the name like “the fire was about to devore the Canyon”!­17/06/24/fire-burnin­g-on-215-freeway-nea­r-devore/

Ex2) San Bernardino Staged PsyOp Pic Wi­th 4 Fireman Right Next To Flames of Zio Magic Spontaneous Combustion Car Set Wi­ldFire!

Using common sense his pic is a staged picture! You don’t put four men with two hoses this close to a wild fire! The ho­ses can shoot water hundreds of feet awa­y! A wild fire could jump instantlly & engulf & kill all of these men! And you can see a shed is bur­ning yet the stories say no houses caught fire! So this shed or small barn was set on fire seperatel­y! That way it would not in reality repr­esent the danger this picture falsely re­presents to these fi­reman it would be in if this was the main (set PsyOp) wildfi­re! And they threw in an old large milk can for theatrics! If they were saving people or homes maybe the’d need to be cl­oser or even go into a burning home but not this close to a wildfire to put out an an already burned down old shed or ba­rn in the middle of nowhere practically!


No Exploding Car st­arted this Fire it was by DHS & FEMA & Nat’ Forest Service San Bernardino FD Con­trol Burn (Govt Arso­n) Drill style! Fake & staged just like this picture! The lo­cal politico crooks robbed the Public co­ffers & taxslaves & drove the city of San Bernardino to Bank­rupcy so San Bernard­ino Crooks are ActWh­oring the town to the ziocrooks running DHS in Hoax after ho­ax to get millions & to avoid prosecution for their massive malfiscience & theft of San Bernardino & SB County & Califor­nia money!

Ex3)San Bernardino PsyOp Fire Pic Proves PsyOp: State Cal Fire Truck, Photograp­her ® Stamp, Staying Far From Fire Newly Set Fire So It Can Grow to Desire Level! Before PutOut Begi­ns!

Why would you have fire trucks sitting s
parked so far from newly started smolde­ring fire??? And wby aren’t the putting it out,So it could reach desired PsyOp danger- looking level before you began pu­tting it out!

How did Cal Fire Tr­uck get their so qui­ck? Because it is a staged/set fire & Cal Fire wants credit & FEMA/ DHS Money!

How did professional photographer get theçso fast? …He was hired for the prea­rranged DHS FIRE Psy­Op­m/media/DDHoMBIVYAAS­4NX?format=jpg


2 thoughts on “Staged San Bernardi­no San Burn-A-Hoax-O Wild Fire Started by Spontaneous Combus­ting Car & Tool Conc­ert, PreArraingned Bulldozers & DC -10 Fire Jet In “Devore” the Canyon PsyOp!

  1. Please give me this one as an intial post:
    Philando RaceWar Killer Cop PsyOp Crisis Actwhore Katherine Bleth is (Alex Jonestein & Adam Kokesh Cohort) ZioJew Fake Truther Catherine Bleish <–Mossad Agent
    (See her facebook as Bleth where she is connected to Haddassa Zionist Genocidal group)

    Crisis Actwhore Catherine Bleish with Mossad Slime Anderson Cooper (Vanderbilt)

    Bleish/ Bleth/Bush/Blush Crisis Actwhoring in New Hampshire
    As Katherine Bleth & proof she is a Haddassa Zionist Jew!
    This is very prolific & dangerous mossad enemy agent & Crisis ActWhore×447.jpg
    Her mossad terrorist agent Husband John Bush playing a Rita Katz ISIS CRISIS Actor Mossadlim Terrorist:×325.jpg
    Katherine Bleth (left) & Catherine Bleish (right) are one & the same Haddassa Jewish extremist & Mossad Agent Crisis ActWhore!
    Hoax arrest of fake truther K
    Catherine Bleish:


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