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One thought on “Jan Lamprecht: What’s Happening In South Africa? | VikingLifeBlog

  1. Please give me this as an intial post:

    Staged San Bernardino San Burn-A-Hoax-O Wild Fire Started by Spontaneous Combusting Car & Tool Concert, PreArraingned Bulldozers & DC -10 Fire Jet In “Devore” the Canyon PsyOp!

    Ex 1) Staged San Bernardino San-Burn-A-Hoax-O Fire Near Devore Timed w Tool Rock Concert! DC-10 & Bull Dozers Prearraigned Drill Style DHS FEMA Cali USFS PsyOp Near “Devore Canyon” LMAO!

    Supposedly a Car Spontaneously Combusted & in Isolated area of brush & trees! They can instantly get a McDonald Douglas DC 10 fire plane & two bulldozers on scene yet when USFS & CALIFORNIA & Oregon & Washington State & BLM starts fires & burns out farmers & ranchers & orchards &growers & homeowners whose land they they want to steal they can never get firetrucks on scene in a timely manner or not at all, much less Bulldozers & Giant tanker DC-10 Fire jets!

    And they staged it timed with a Tool Concert & Near Devore Canyon for the name like “the fire was about to devore the Canyon”!


    Ex2) San Bernardino Staged PsyOp Pic With 4 Fireman Right Next To Flames of Zio Magic Spontaneous Combustion Car Set WildFire!

    Using common sense his pic is a staged picture! You don’t put four men with two hoses this close to a wild fire! The hoses can shoot water hundreds of feet away! A wild fire could jump instantlly & engulf & kill all of these men! And you can see a shed is burning yet the stories say no houses caught fire! So this shed or small barn was set on fire seperately! That way it would not in reality represent the danger this picture falsely represents to these fireman it would be in if this was the main (set PsyOp) wildfire! And they threw in an old large milk can for theatrics! If they were saving people or homes maybe the’d need to be closer or even go into a burning home but not this close to a wildfire to put out an an already burned down old shed or barn in the middle of nowhere practically!

    No Exploding Car started this Fire it was by DHS & FEMA & Nat’ Forest Service San Bernardino FD Control Burn (Govt Arson) Drill style! Fake & staged just like this picture! The local politico crooks robbed the Public coffers & taxslaves & drove the city of San Bernardino to Bankrupcy so San Bernardino Crooks are ActWhoring the town to the ziocrooks running DHS in Hoax after hoax to get millions & to avoid prosecution for their massive malfiscience & theft of San Bernardino & SB County & California money!

    Ex3)San Bernardino PsyOp Fire Pic Proves PsyOp: State Cal Fire Truck, Photographer ® Stamp, Staying Far From Fire Newly Set Fire So It Can Grow to Desire Level! Before PutOut Begins!

    Why would you have fire trucks sitting s
    parked so far from newly started smoldering fire??? And wby aren’t the putting it out,So it could reach desired PsyOp danger- looking level before you began putting it out!

    How did Cal Fire Truck get their so quick? Because it is a staged/set fire & Cal Fire wants credit & FEMA/ DHS Money!

    How did professional photographer get their so fast? …He was hired for the prearranged DHS FIRE PsyOp! Obviously!



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