Hard Rock Band “Foreigner” of “Dirty White Boy” & Jukebox Hero Excluded By ZioMob Run Rock & Roll Hall of Fame–Disgrace!

by Cowboy

Great American White Rock Bands from the 1970′ & 80’s are the most outrageously Excluded from the R&R Hall of Fame! Yes Foreigner is Brit & American but it is pure American Style Hard Rock of the best order!

The guy with the 9mm Luger Tuck in his pants Is Ian McDonald! LOL! Happy Birthday June 25th!


The Best Thing about foreigner is their amazing American Lead singer Lou Gramm! Just a great American style Hard Rock style Lead singer. But the guitar work is always so good, so many excellent original guitar riffs & intros & solos & Rock choruses in their songs. And so many amazing saxophone solos and perfect placement of sax playing here & there, & perfect synchronicity of the sax & bass in their songs! Somebody could really arrange in this band! This is hard & loud rock made right with great lyrics & style!

“Dirty White Boy” 1979


“Urgent” @ Farm Aid Concert 1985 Concert (For Farmers Having Their Farms Taken By Crooked Govt’ Banksters!)


“Jukebox Hero” Official Video


“Jukebox Hero” 1985 Live Awesome!


I only posted a few of their great songs but there are plenty more!


2 thoughts on “Hard Rock Band “Foreigner” of “Dirty White Boy” & Jukebox Hero Excluded By ZioMob Run Rock & Roll Hall of Fame–Disgrace!

  1. “Feels Like the First Time”

    Great Song & Perfect Voice for A Hard Rock Band! Hard to Believe they didn’t get together until 1976 or 77! & Their guitar intros & riffs are so unique & memorable. And the lyric are so go good too.


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