Canada to Be 80% Non-White “Within 100 Years”


5 thoughts on “Canada to Be 80% Non-White “Within 100 Years”

  1. I dont think u know what ure talking about. Canada is full of gooks and negroes. I have friends there, they are sick of CACAnada….


    1. Do you ever read what I actually say?? LOL! I realize Canada has tons of African & Chinese & other foreigners in it’s Cities. But what I am saying is the majority of these eventually immigrate to USA…& yes still a large number stay in Canada. But the main Target is USA of these immigrants! If 2.2 million come to Canada in ten 5 years probably 2 million of them end up in USA with 7 or 8 yrs! But more than half those 200 thousand end up in Toronto & Montreal & Quebec & Windsor & a few other cities in Canada so yes it is devasting to Canada. And ziotrash Canada wants them to destroy Canada but gradually enough where there is no uprising –especially in Quebec. French Quebec have more sense than English Canadians and can be a powder keg for them! Also the Western Canadian farmers are rebellious too but immigrants don’t go there. They go to cities & steal the best medium skill jobs & get free college & medical care & welfare… & then many become social workers & govt workers, big Corporations etc.. When benefits run out they go to America! Canada only has less than 30 million while USA has 350 mil plus! With 50 million plus illegals & their kids! Mostly Mexicans!


  2. Canada would already be 50% or more non-white, only Queenie (Rothschild’s puppet ) ruled Canada simply acts a a Conduit for Asians especially Chinese & Africans to immigrate to Canada & then after a few months or year or so they immgrate to USA where they remain! This way Queenie helps destroy USA gradually be culturally & racially de-Americanizing America! The Africans rarely want to stay in Canada nor the Chinese. A Chinese with money can operate a Restaurant tax free for atleast 8 years, then get an extention. When time is up he sells it to a Cousin or son or nephew & it starts over! Then he moves from Chicago to Baltimore or some other city & opens another Restaurant or store under a slightly different (translation of his) name and he gets a new tax free business period! The point is unless he has a really super location gold mine of a restaurant he keeps selling & moving & never pays the taxes! So he always has an unfair advantage against a nearby American owned Restaurant!


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