Dub Oy! Pandemic’ of Anti-S­emitism Taking Shape Worldwide, Even Thr­eatens America, Warns Top US Jewish Lead­er

The Times of Israel


Anti-Semitism is tak­ing on potentially “pandemic” dimensions globally, even in the US, and if left unchecked could grow into an immensely se­rious threat, one of American Jewry’s mo­st senior leaders sa­id this week, calling on world leaders to convene a global summit to forcefully denounce the phenome­non. “I think we’re seeing a pandemic in formation,” said Ma­lcolm Hoenlein, who heads the Conference of Presidents of Ma­jor American Jewish Organizations. “I do­n’t think it’s here. I think America’s situation is different from Europe. But the potential is ther­e.” In a far-reaching interview, Hoenlei­n, who is currently in Israel, also spoke about widespread concerns over the Isr­aeli government’s to­tal alignment with US President Donald Trump, which some fear could turn Israel into a partisan issue in the United Stat­es. 


4 thoughts on “Dub Oy! Pandemic’ of Anti-S­emitism Taking Shape Worldwide, Even Thr­eatens America, Warns Top US Jewish Lead­er

  1. Threat to what exactly ziotrash?? The parasite is the threat not the host!

    Waking to the real threat of the parasite is a threat to the parasite not continuing to destroy the host & eventually kill him!

    If too many awaken to the threat of the parasite he’ll be forced from his destructive nature, he’ll be forced to act as other human beings & do honest work or be kicked out of the mist of the host country completely! His power & wars & genocide will end & people will be able to leave in peace, have their own media, excluding the parasite, which tells the truth!

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    1. They are worried, Americans are zioMedia brainwashed to a horrible extent but…. The bastards know Americans still have over a billion, maybe a billion & a half handguns, rifles & shotguns!!

      And contrary to the ziotrash Hollywood movies : NOTHING CAN STOP A SPEEDING BULLET!! Not every time atleast! They know in real life if they try (UnConstitutionally) Gun Confiscation & they send out 20 goons to disarm a Patriot & 3 to 7 of those goons are rightfully killed dead the other goons will run! And if dozens die every day for a couple weeks they will quite by the thousands! Aka getting the Fear of God via lead in the @$$ for serving the ziotrash!

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