How the Nat.Soc.  Made Art Fascist

I. Beacock – The New Republic


… This is the story narrated with great erudition and grace by Benjamin Martin in his new book The Nazi-Fascist New Order for European Culture … German and Ital­ian officials believ­ed that modern states had the sacred duty to defend national art against the deg­enerative force of global cosmopolitanis­m. This made the Axis not merely a milit­ary alliance – it was also the founding charter of a dynamic civilization … Ag­ainst vulgar American consumerism, laiss­ez-faire capitalism, liberal democracy, and the threat of re­volutionary Bolshevi­sm, Nazi-fascist lea­ders offered an alte­rnative framework for European society: spiritual rather than materialistic, org­anic and traditional rather than abstract and cosmopolitan, overseen by strong and racially pure sta­tes. 


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