4 thoughts on “HITLER RETURNS! VIDEO

  1. Hauptsturmfuehrer Priebke knew Rochus Misch personally. I guess he knew the most outstanding figures of our history. A monument of ethics. A pillar of live History. He perfectly knew what was going on. I gave him a dvd with the movie adding the same comment I’ve typed above.


  2. I’ve seen the film while the candid interviews with German citizens was good the scripted parts were bullshit of course as expected. The film feels like two films and even has two separate credits one being the Pro F.G.R. outro, with actual news clips – the liberation of Europa and the official credits – Anti-Hitler Jazz.

    Its one of those films I would torrent just to watch key segments otherwise ignore the rest as it is negative propaganda.

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    1. I wouldn’t spend time on jewish propaganda movies. The best movie they have made yet, it is the Downfall, with german actors. Yet it is a parody of the ‘evool naZZis’ like the other zio comedies on the subject.

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