Zio libtards by M.King

The ego-gratification associated with the regurgitation & praise model is reinforced throughout Middle and High School. It is during this time that the, ‘gifted & talented’ students are separated out from their ‘inferiors’ and taught to repeat such rubbish as:
America’s Constitution is outdated.Karl Marx was a great philosopher.The Civil War was about slavery.FDR’s New Deal saved America.Germany started 2 World Wars.6 Million Jews were gassed in ‘The Holocaust’.Picasso was the greatest artist.Einstein was the smartest man who ever walked the face of the Earth.Senator Joe McCarthy was evil.Martin Luther King was a Saint.Capitalism is about greed.Socialism is about charity.Men and women are the same.There is no such thing as race.Man ‘evolved’ from pond scum.Global Warming is a proven fact.There are no government conspiracies.Homosexuality is normal.Guns and religion are evil.


7 thoughts on “Zio libtards by M.King

  1. I think it got a rehaul very recently, because when I enter that direction, it just sends me to the main page. Tried to open it in both Opera and TOR browser, same result.


  2. And TrannyFaggotry demons are your new betters goyim! Your newest Ziotrash Enforced Religion! Like Holohoaxianity Insanity! You must now bow to every cross dressing pervert who wants to enter the little girls restroom, fitting room or School Showers & locker rooms! And let every pedo Fag led a boy scout troop in a tent in the woods so he can teach them homosex ed or trannyfagottry or whatever the demon wishes! All men must be castratis & allow it all because big zio jew Mob & Supreme Court & Jewish Supremists say so!

    Well keep it up and see what non Hoax $h#t hits the fan you pieces if ziotrash $h#t! Your sh#t might get splattered when you mess with people’s kids you vile psychopath predators! And you will be the prey!

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