Who’s who..


6 thoughts on “Who’s who..

  1. This is fun! Let’s Do another One! LMAO! Give me this one as an intial post:

    Robert Blake played the Last Quickie Pope! He even Said He had Big Important Last Role To Play as An Actor Before He did it!


    I was really hoping Robert Blake would jump up & strangle this POS Ziotrash Sleazebag Piers Morganthal A-Hole! Man That would have been great! LOL


  2. Look at this old Actwhore with LeoNerdo De Crapio –two Actwhores putting on a show for the dumb, hated Goyim! He looks like he is drunk or high as a kite! They are loving this PsyOp! Both have been told the earth is flat too!

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  3. Give me this as an intial post:

    Zionist Jew Actor Jonathan Pryce Plays the Pope! Just A Rothschild Actwhore Puppet! Same Jew Dumb Goyim!

    Same Jew! It’s True! All your bases belong to Us –THE ZIOTRASH!

    Not 2 Same Jew!


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